Standard LED Driver Modules
High-Efficiency Street Light Modules
Car LED Modules
Specific use LED control modules

Transistor :

Standard LED Driver Modules:
By supplying LED modules with constant current control, the proper functioning of the LED emitting is enabled and no add-on current-limiting components are need.

High-Efficiency Street Light Modules :
In addition to the shell, LED contains two major parts when using in the street lights, the high-power LED light and power supply driver.

Car LED Modules:
In the era of energy-saving, the lighting application in the car field is very important, and also progress considerable in the LED lighting.

Specific use LED control modules :
In addition to saving energy, the most important value of LED lights is that it's easy to show a variety of colors and control applications, such as multi-color changes, changes in the flashing, automatic dimming, and so on.

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